Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Recent Happenings

Wow, time flies, doesn't it? Here are a few random thoughts to start the day...

We eat a lot of 'dirt' in this house. Little Guy just doesn't want to say the 's' sound much so our after dinner treat is now destined to be known as dirt! And he loves dirt an awful lot, especially if it involves cupcakes, cake, birthday cake...the boy knows cake.

Peanut is rolling over! She has been thisclose seemingly forever, but finally decided to celebrate 4 months by rolling from tummy to back. Then two days later figured she'd give back to tummy a whirl as well. She is so strong when she wants to be and had been teetering on her side for a long while. Now she decided to do it and she is an old pro. Of course (in both cases) she flipped while I was either stepped out of the room or was sitting right by her, but engaged with her brother. So there was no actual witnessing of either of the firsts. She is such an accommodating baby that after being turned she immediately did it again! Now if only the teeth that have been causing teething symptoms for 2 months would actually appear.

And speaking of teeth... On a recent trip to visit my parents in Kentucky Little Guy decided to give us our first after hours call to the pediatrician. We were all up on the loft playing with some of my old toys. (Did you know that in the mid 70s Fisher Price made their toys in the USA? Fun fact for the morning!) There are 3 steps leading up to the bedrooms on each side and I was sitting on them nursing Peanut. Little Guy climbed up the steps to grab the cash register and was walking down right next to me. Mike was right in front of him at the bottom of the stairs. We were both within arms reach, but yet he took a tumble down 2 steps. No big deal, right? This kid tumbles all the time...

Yeah, the toy hit his mouth as he fell and bent his tooth completely forward! How in the world? There were tears, there was blood, there was waking up my poor mom before she headed to her job at the hospital and then a call to the ER. Unfortunately, the nurse who answered was not one who knew her so we got the 'we don't give out medical advice' talk after 10 minutes on hold. We called the after hours number and talked to the newest doctor in our pediatrician's office and were told to pull it if it was dangling by a thread or to leave it alone if it wasn't. We kept the ice on for a while, but really by the time we heard from the Dr. Little Guy was playing again and didn't seem overly bothered. He went to bed, slept through the night and other than a few "tooth hurt" comments on a few mornings he has been fine.

The tooth isn't in the exact same position, but it seems to be firming up. We've been praying for it like crazy, because if it discolors it may have to come out. I can't imagine having 5-7 years of a gap toothed boy! Of course, in the scheme of things it is no big deal and we are grateful that he wasn't hurt more and that we didn't have any kind of ER visit the last night of our trip five minutes before bed time!

Have a great Tuesday! We are windy like crazy today,

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Cazy Day

or alternatively, These are the Moments.

We had a day recently that challenged me. Wait, we've had lots and lots of those days recently. As in a two year old who is starting to really get into the whole 'I'm a two year old and entitled to be sassy' thing, a baby who needs to be nursed and loved on, but also has moments occasionally, a Daddy who is working really hard to get recording and editing done on a CD, and a Mommy who is trying to get the canning finished (and laundry and meals...)

I honestly can't remember exactly what happened, but I remember thinking how crazy/insane this one particular moment is. Then the song "I Could Not Ask For More" popped into my head. I really could not ask for more than this time together, than this time with them. I do have all I've waited for, every prayer has been answered, every dream has come true. It may sound a bit hokey or cheesy, but I actually started singing it to my babies in the midst of the crazy. And I meant it.

For years I've wanted to be married, to have a children, to be able to be home with them. And it is finally a reality. It is often challenging, but it is also perfect and wonderful even in the crazy and hard. I hope I always remember that I really could not ask for more!

Love my life,

Friday, October 8, 2010

Time of Plenty

This is such a great time of year, isn't it? It seems that everyone is talking about how this is their favorite time of year and I have to agree! I was born in the (late) fall, I met my husband and married him in the fall and I just love the cooler nights, the beautiful colors and the return to more baking. I must admit that I do seem to 'love' each season in its own time and have found that I do even more so since I've made a more conscious effort to eat seasonally, but fall is extra special because I do not want it to end!

I find myself spending more moments than I should paused down in our basement looking at all the jars that are full of food I've canned. I loved the different colors of food, sizes of jars and promised recipes they all store. On a whim I decided to get a rough count of jars and there are approximately 230 jars of tomatoes, pickled items, vegetables, soups, salsas, jams and fruit stored in our basement. I had no idea! No wonder I keep running out of jars. I found 5 more at a very quick rummage sale stop yesterday and will have them full shortly. I've got a big bag of green tomatoes to continue to use and just need a few more jars... I can't tell you how many times I've told my husband that I just need a few more jars, a few more jars. He asked when I'll have enough. When I'm ready to start downsizing canning after the kids leave home was my answer. I (kind of) believe that you add jars until you start subtracting jars. I also figure that more jars I have, the more I fill, the more I can share if the moment strikes, the more we can use any and all produce gifted to us or found inexpensively. And the more we have to get us through winter!

We are also waiting on our 1/4 of grass fed beef. It will be ready in a week or two (is at the processors) and the freezer is waiting! It has been a struggle to get the freezer empty in a time when I want to be filling it. I would have frozen many more vegetables this year, but we only have a smallish chest freezer because our basement door will not fit any other size. And normally that would still have not been a problem. However, I have been pumping milk 'just in case' and have about 1000 ounces of milk stored as well. The milk takes up a lot of room, but it gets priority over the vegetables since it can't be replaced at the grocery store! Here is hoping that I won't find my milk gone at 6 months and that this frozen milk can be used much later or donated to someone.

I find myself more and more content (from staring at all my jars) during this season of plenty. It reminds me of something that Laura said in one of the Little House books. I don't know the exact quote, but basically she was always so happy in the fall when the house was full of things to get them through the winter. I feel the same way! This is definitely a Finer Thing.

Have a great weekend,