Friday, May 28, 2010

Baby Preparation Update

I'm happy to report that most everything is ready for Baby 2 to make an appearance!

The biggest thing left that I'd like to have done is a hair cut for me (and do one on Mike and Little Guy). I got my hair cut shorter before Little Guy was born and then it started growing and growing and growing. I think I've only had one cut since then and after a certain point I figured I'd let it grow enough for a Locks of Love donation. It is finally long enough and I just want it gone! The challenge is working in a time to get it cut. I told Mike that if it isn't done before labor I may cut it off myself while in labor as it really is getting on my nerves on my best days and I imagine it will be a lot worse when in labor!

The one thing I really thought I did well before Little Guy's birth was to stock our freezer and I've worked hard to do it again. It saves so much effort and money to have things pre-made. Especially when Mike doesn't cook! We got a pretty generous amount of our regular frozen stuff (veggies, meats, cheese, etc) and I pre-made a bunch of meals as well. To give you an idea of what we've got on hand in our chest freezer...

1 Sausage, Onion and Pepper Quiche
4 Calzones
Chicken Enchiladas (1 meal)
3 Large containers of Jambalaya
3 Veggie Lasagnas
2 Southwestern Veggie Bake Casseroles
7 Beef, Cheese and Bean Burritos
1 Recipe of Angel Chicken (just need to make pasta)
1 Large batch of Colorful Chicken and Rice
2 Turkey Pot Pies
1 Large batch of Cheesy Sausage Penne

4 loaves of banana bread
2 loaves of bread
1 bag of bagels
6 pizza crusts

I'm sure there are more things I'm forgetting, but overall I'm pretty sure that we'll be eating well (and easily) after baby comes. And thanks to the farmer's market we'll be supplementing more and more fresh local stuff too!

Now that the heat is better I'm feeling a little better too. I'm working hard not to be too anxious about getting baby here earlier rather than later! With Little Guy I fully expected to go past 41 weeks (like the average 1st baby) and for some reason I keep thinking this one will come in May (due date is June 8th). Baby 2 will come when s/he is good and ready and I'll do my best to be patient until that day. Although after Sunday we've got a fairly quite would be really convenient :)

Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend! Take some time to remember all the brave troops. I'm very grateful to my brother-in-law who is currently deployed as well as my numerous cousins, uncles, and grandfather who have all served as well. They are true heros.


Sunday, May 23, 2010


Another question in the I in the uncertain, wait for labor to start, what should I do next, what is not so important as I think it is, why do I not have a bag packed yet time of pregnancy or what? :)

I'm just wondering if anyone who reads this blog has any experience with a few things that might lead them to think that labor might be coming sooner rather than later. You know, so I can figure out which of my many 'to do' items should get done and which I should just drop.

With Little Guy I didn't really go into labor as much as force myself into labor once my water had broken. We were so focused on getting things rolling that I'm not sure what the lead up was like. With this pregnancy so much as been different and these last few weeks are seeming to be VERY different as well.

To give you an idea, I spent much of this morning crying. Why? Really, no good reason, but I felt overwhelmed, under appreciated, stressed, nauseous, and just really off. I've been feeling nauseous a lot more with the end of this pregnancy than I did before and today it is really, really hot. Heat is not my friend when I am pregnant!

So, anyone out there ever been really nauseous and/or really, really emotional at the end of a pregnancy? Got any advice? It would sure be appreciated!


Friday, May 21, 2010


Just a quick note to say that I am still alive and to rant on something that kind of blows my mind.

First off, Baby 2 is moving down and has been given the all clear for delivery anytime! We are at about 37 1/2 weeks, so sometime between now and mid-June we'll be off to the birth center. I definitely feel the preparations my body is making more this time around. And I can feel parts of the baby more than with Little Guy. It is so interesting how different two pregnancies can be! Especially around 9:30-10pm when Baby 2 gets hiccups. I never felt them even once with Little Guy and they are almost a nightly event now. If you don't mind, I would love it if you would keep Baby 2 and me in your prayers. We are Strep B + (again) and will be monitoring things closely as we labor towards a safe, natural delivery!

Second, have you seen this? I saw a blurb about it a few weeks ago and thought it just couldn't be true. Yet, I absolutely knew it was. And now they launched the advertising campaign. I wonder what Jamie Oliver would think of this? If only they had strawberry flavor than it would perfectly set the kids up for school. They would drink plain old breast milk or formula for 12 months (poor kids with no flavoring in their lives!) and then from 12-36 months they would enjoy vanilla or chocolate (maybe strawberry if we lobby hard enough) whatever you consider this beverage to be and then go into Head Start or preschool or K-3 (whatever your area calls it) and start drinking flavored milk! It is perfect....

Ugh. I seriously cannot believe that there will be parents who will feel that their toddlers need this drink. They will feel that since the little one doesn't always want to eat this new product will balance everything out and make sure their kid is healthy. Then when that same child doesn't ever want anything that isn't artificially flavored or processed they will continue to give in to more junk foods "just so they eat something." I feel so sorry for those kids! And I cannot believe that any adult would give in to that. Kids will not starve themselves. Little Guy loves veggies and fruits and yet has meals where he won't touch a pea or a bean (his two favorite veggies). It doesn't mean we break out the chocolate. It means we don't make an issue out of it and at the next meal we offer more veggies. He was totally anti-broccoli for a while and now he has been eating it really well. The answer was not to avoid giving him broccoli for the rest of his life! In fact I always tell him how much he loves carrots or beans or whatever veggie he is turning away at that particular meal. I figure it can't hurt to be reminded! And there is no vegetable that he has avoided continually, which tells me that sometimes he just isn't into what I made or he is just asserting his independence. That's fine, but he'll still eat veggies every day of his life--or at least until I have no say over it anymore!

This kind of thinking is why the most common vegetable eaten by 12 months old kiddos is french fries. Seriously, does anyone (besides those running the school lunch program) think that a french fry is a vegetable?

Sorry for ranting, but seriously does anyone think this is a good idea?


**I do realize there is an unflavored version, but that is sure not the one being advertised! It is all about the exciting for you 12 month old! I sure hope anyone who feels the need for this chooses unflavored, but I'm guessing that will be much harder to find and not very popular.**

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

A big hug of love to all the moms out there. Today can be a wonderful celebration of what we've been blessed with and also a sad reminder of what we are missing. I hope that you spend your day (mother or not) remembering all the women who've been important to you in your life! And then give them a call (especially if they aren't your mom) and let them know.

And don't forget to call your mom too...she'll appreciate it! If only I could catch mine at home, that woman is a busy person. We've traded voice mails (hers made me cry) and hopefully we'll talk later. Until then, I'm busy cooking and cleaning for my in-law's visit. Someday I'll be the spoiled one on Mother's Day, but until my husband decides to learn to cook I'm making all the meals :)

And (not to complain too much) I wish more guys understood that gifts are not about the money, they are about the thought. I think all moms would appreciate a break, a massage/foot rub, a simple sweet card, or something meaningful on this day. Becoming a mother isn't about fan fare, it is profound, meaningful and moving. I personally think the day should reflect that...anyone with me?

Happy Mother's Day to all the ladies out there,

Thursday, May 6, 2010

His Voice

A moment happened today that made me have a thought that I want to remember. So, I figured I'd best write it down before it disappears! Our little Baby 2 seems to be sucking many of my brain cells these days :)

Little Guy has had his voice for quite a while. He isn't afraid to let us know when he really wants something (he signs and says more, more, more), when he really likes something (mmmmmmmm!), or when he really doesn't want something (no, no, no, no with shaking of head and often times his hand or finger as well). I like the fact that he tries hard to let us know what he thinks and the more he learns to communicate the easier it has become to meet his needs and enjoy his antics.

Lately however, he is going beyond the basics in letting us know what he thinks. He is starting to really get upset when he doesn't get his way or when we enforce our expectations. Typically he is a pretty happy kid with a very willing spirit to do what we ask. We really are very fortunate! It is a bit of an adjustment to see him really try and test limits or express such frustration when he is told no. The hands clench, back arches, he makes a stinker face and really lets his voice (scream) be heard.

Today he was 'sharing' one of his frustrations about something I had told him at the table. As he was being upset with me and vocalizing his opinion I had a bit of a revelation. I realized that as challenging as some of the times to come may be and as hard as it is to not get frustrated with him when he gets opinionated I am glad I have a little boy who knows his mind. He has an opinion about things and wants it to be heard and respected. I would rather raise a child who will know his own mind and let it be heard than one who just goes along with the crowd and does whatever his friends think is best. In order to raise him that way, I will have to deal with a toddler who voices his frustrations at me and my opinions. (He gets that strong will from someone, right?) And then a teenager who does the same. Lord help me keep my cool, but in the end he should be a stronger adult for it.

I realize this is probably a bit of a leap, but it sure helped me get a new perspective on his growing independence and how I need to address discipline with him. He has rules to follow and there will be consequences when he doesn't. However, I want to encourage him to have his own opinions, know his own mind, and not be afraid to let others know what he thinks.

And somehow I'll figure out how to do that without going crazy myself, right? Any advice is welcome :)