Sunday, May 22, 2011

So Many Moments!

We've returned from a visit to Kentucky! While there it rained and rained and was cold and yucky. Turns out it was the same here in Wisconsin while we were gone. This has sure been a different May then last year when it was beautiful weather all the time!

The kiddos have presented us with some very funny and touching moments recently. I can't help but wonder does it just get more and more amazing as they get older?

Peanut is now 11 months old. Yesterday we were all be quiet after her nap (and watching the Preakness) while Little Guy took a (highly unusual at this point) nap. At one point she must have been oh, so bored with her parents and crawled into the kitchen. We heard her standing at our patio door and banging, petting the dogs and just doing things she normal does in the kitchen. When she crawled back out to us she had brought along her pair of Robeez that I've been putting on her when we play in the backyard or sandbox. I was AMAZED. This is the first time I've ever seen her pay any attention to the shoes, she brought both of them to me while crawling and she made it quite clear she wanted to go outside and figured if I put her shoes on then we were heading out. Pretty clever girl, don't you think?

Little Guy (and Peanut) had photos taken while we were in KY. We are fortunate that Peanut's Godmother is a wonderful photographer and squeezed in an hour photo shoot on her 11th month birthday. While Little Guy was getting his taken he wasn't being too cooperative. So we tried to get him talking about what he had done that day. It had been a big day...he went on his first horse ride, went out to mow grass on the big tractor for the first time, Grandpa let him drive that same tractor, he made pancakes with Grandma, and assorted other fun on two different farms. When we asked him to share what he had done that day guess what he said. He told her he read two books. Yup, all the fun stuff packed into one day that he wanted to do and the thing he felt the need to mention? Books. I'm glad my kids both love books, but we read them every. single. day. and he almost never sees his grandparents and these things were big firsts he had talked about doing for WEEKS. Aren't kids crazy? :)

Other comments Little Guy has made recently (that he may or may not have heard from two adults that live in the same house)...

"This is ridiculous!"
"I've solved the problem!"
"I need a break."
"You need to relax Daddy." (Said part way through the 9 hour trip)
"I pray for Thomas and Percy."--big pause-- "And Salty!" (during night time prayers...these are trains.)
"Nice to meet you Mommy." (while shaking my hand)
"Half and a two" His response to the question of his age...rapidly being replaced by the more typical 'two and a half' or 'three on my next birthday'

And so many more that are hard to remember! Too funny, that cutie pie of mine.

Happy Warm, SUNNY day here in Milwaukee. Thank the Lord!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Security in a Word?

Lately Little Guy has an interesting new development. He seems to use a word as a security 'blanket.' And the word he chose? His little sister's name! Or sometimes the variation is "I do love Peanut." Isn't that an interesting thing to choose?

I noticed one day that he said her name many, many times, but didn't think too much of it. I did mention it to Mike and we laughed about making sure we pick names we like for our kids since sometimes we might hear them a few hundred times! Then we noticed that it continued. And then it morphed into him saying her name or that he loved her when he was doing something he shouldn't be doing (great way to distract us, I guess) or when he was in trouble or just feeling uncomfortable in a situation.

Neither of my children have security toys or blankets. And I've never heard of a security word before, but I would definitely say that my son has one. It is odd and interesting and wonderful watching how these little people develop, isn't it? When he says that he 'does love her' I always let him know that I do too and that I love him. We are not at all concerned about it and are just glad that he is constantly reinforcing in his mind how much he loves his sister. They really do love each other and we tell them both how much we love them all the time. I hope that the lovefest continues their whole life. And we really hope they love their little sibling as much as they love each other!

Fascinating this world of parenting!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

Another holiday wish...

For all the Moms out there, those who hold their babies in their arms, those who have yet to meet their babies, and those who have babies who have left the nest may you have a wonderful day!

Being a Mom is something that I dearly love and yet it challenges me every single day. There is no job on earth that is more demanding, but yet there is no other job that I would rather have. I constantly question if I am doing it right and yet know that there is no absolute perfect way to do it. It is a whirlwind that challenges me in so many ways and I wouldn't change it for the world!

Thank you Little Guy, Peanut and Baby 3 for making me a Momma! I'm honored to be the person that gets to help you navigate this world.

Happy Mother's Day,

Baby 3 is due in early November. Things are going really well so far and we couldn't be more excited, although also a bit surprised at how quickly things happened. By around our 4th anniversary we'll have had 3 babies...and feel blessed to have been given these gifts!