Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

Another holiday wish...

For all the Moms out there, those who hold their babies in their arms, those who have yet to meet their babies, and those who have babies who have left the nest may you have a wonderful day!

Being a Mom is something that I dearly love and yet it challenges me every single day. There is no job on earth that is more demanding, but yet there is no other job that I would rather have. I constantly question if I am doing it right and yet know that there is no absolute perfect way to do it. It is a whirlwind that challenges me in so many ways and I wouldn't change it for the world!

Thank you Little Guy, Peanut and Baby 3 for making me a Momma! I'm honored to be the person that gets to help you navigate this world.

Happy Mother's Day,

Baby 3 is due in early November. Things are going really well so far and we couldn't be more excited, although also a bit surprised at how quickly things happened. By around our 4th anniversary we'll have had 3 babies...and feel blessed to have been given these gifts!


  1. WHAT???? Where the heck have I been? Congratulations, mama!

  2. Happy mama's day to you, too! :>)

  3. Thanks ladies! I'm at 14 weeks today, but we've been slower telling people this time around so I was slower to put anything on the blog as well. Nothing concerning, just taking our time.

    Amazing how different people's reactions are to this baby. I think because we have a girl and a boy they expect that we would be done. Or maybe because they are close in age it shocks them that we are already having another. We are excited and that is all that matters to us!