Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Security in a Word?

Lately Little Guy has an interesting new development. He seems to use a word as a security 'blanket.' And the word he chose? His little sister's name! Or sometimes the variation is "I do love Peanut." Isn't that an interesting thing to choose?

I noticed one day that he said her name many, many times, but didn't think too much of it. I did mention it to Mike and we laughed about making sure we pick names we like for our kids since sometimes we might hear them a few hundred times! Then we noticed that it continued. And then it morphed into him saying her name or that he loved her when he was doing something he shouldn't be doing (great way to distract us, I guess) or when he was in trouble or just feeling uncomfortable in a situation.

Neither of my children have security toys or blankets. And I've never heard of a security word before, but I would definitely say that my son has one. It is odd and interesting and wonderful watching how these little people develop, isn't it? When he says that he 'does love her' I always let him know that I do too and that I love him. We are not at all concerned about it and are just glad that he is constantly reinforcing in his mind how much he loves his sister. They really do love each other and we tell them both how much we love them all the time. I hope that the lovefest continues their whole life. And we really hope they love their little sibling as much as they love each other!

Fascinating this world of parenting!

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  1. Never heard of it either, but it sure is sweet!