Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Best Day

Have you ever had a day that you just thought was The Best Day? We had that on Monday and I am so grateful!

Mike decided to really take the day off, not something that happens often when you are self-employed and have your office at home! We were up early thanks to baby and the weather was wonderful. A bit cool for most, but it was sunny and above 60, which is great when it is Memorial Day and you live in Wisconsin!

We took the dogs and baby and headed down to the park after Mike cut the lawn. We'd never given the little guy a ride in a baby swing, but figure it was time he got to try it. He loves his Johnny Jump Up and often gets it going like it is a swing, so we figured he'd probably enjoy the real thing. We were so right! There is nothing like hearing your favorite baby giggle on every single swoosh of the swing. I think he could have stayed in it for hours if he hadn't had to take a break to eat! Then he got to ride down two different slides with Daddy. Those didn't get the same response, but all in all his first trip to the park was a rousing success!

We headed home and I made pizza for lunch. Thank goodness for freezing dough ahead of time...we were really hungry and would not have had patience for the bread machine to whip up a new batch. Baby went down for a nap while it cooked and we ate. After he was up again we headed outside for the required Memorial Day yard work. (It seems to be required if you live in our neighborhood, not sure about others. Check your local ordinances.)

The most amazing thing happened in the afternoon. We were able to complete multiple projects and it was done with great peace and harmony. This is an amazing accomplishment for Mike and me. We love each other and get along well. We do not get along so well when trying to get projects done. Monday may have been the first time that multiple projects were done and no one was upset in the process. Can you see why it was The Best Day?

We constructed a compost bin out of materials already in the garage. So, no cost involved, about 30 minutes of work total and a very happy wife when all was said and done. I had really been wanting one and we were able to whip it up in no time. This compost bin will be a wonderful thing for the garden next year and will make me so happy every time I do not throw away an egg shell or banana peel!

While Mike was looking for zip ties for the compost bin he found some clothes line. Now, this would not be a big thing for most people, but for us that was real excitement! I have begged for, asked for, whined for and complained for an outside clothes line for over a year now. Mike knows how much I've wanted one and on Monday I got it! He used some trees to put it up and it will be a wonderful thing this summer. Seriously about 45 minutes of work and months of smiles to come!

While Mike did that I was able to put in the rest of our little flower bed garden. We've got tomatoes growing and I've planted yellow squash, beans, peppers, and zucchini to go with the radishes, lettuce and spinach I'd already planted. I also got some marigolds going in a few planters. Hopefully in a few weeks it will look like a real garden!

Dinner was pork chops, baked potatoes with sour cream and chives and green beans. We had some ice cream treats for dessert. After baby was in bed we curled up on the couch and watched a movie. All in all it was The Best Day!

We are so grateful to those who have given their lives in service to our country. We enjoyed a wondeful day, but we were very mindful of the reason behind the day. Our flag was flown with great pride and grattitude for those who serve.



  1. Amen, you got a clothesline!!
    Love love love composting. What did I ever do without one?
    A beautiful day, with a beautiful family sounds like heaven (with projects!).

  2. Amen, indeed! I am so grateful for us to have had the wonderful day and so excited about the possibility of us being able to complete projects in such harmony again in the future :)

    I am also tickled about my composting bin. It was sad leaving mine behind when we got married and now I've finally got another one. Only this one is bigger and was much, much cheaper!

    Thanks for stopping by!