Thursday, October 15, 2009

Can I Get Some Help Here?

I've been in an odd mood lately. It could have something to do with the fact that we had an unbelievably beautiful September (23 days in a row with sun and gorgeous temps) and then SLAMMED into late fall/early winter. The temps have been in the 40s, it has been dreary and rainy and just all around crummy. I love fall and miss the 'early fall' that is sunny and sweet during the day and cool and crisp at night. This weather makes me just want to hibernate!

I've been taking advantage of this weather to make lots of soups and warm food. There is something wonderful about that, but I wasn't ready to transition so quickly from grilling to stews! I want to be using things from the farmer's market and making salads. I needed the time to transition and we didn't get it.

So we are now trying to get our deck sanded and refinished before there is snow, but we need at least 2 days of sun. We need to get the outside toys picked up and put away. We need to trim a few hedges that grew like crazy after the pruning this summer. We just need a few days of early fall to get those 'wrap up the summer' projects wrapped up. Could someone put in a good word for us here in Milwaukee?

I'm trying to remain hopeful since we got married on November 3rd and it was beautiful. Last year we had 4 days in October get above 80 degrees. In 2007 there were 4 days in October that were above 70 degrees. Is it too much to hope/want/expect at least a day in the 50s or even 60s before the first blizzard?

Can I get some help in requesting just one beautiful weekend? I really want to take the little one to a beautiful park and get some fall pictures with him. I need some sun to do it. Please, I'm begging I need a few days of transition weather!

That concludes my whining about the weather for today,


  1. OH MY GOODNESS I hear you!! I don't think the sun has shined a single day this week so far, and it's starting to get to me. I double checked the weather last night, and it said today was to have a high in the mid 50s with sunshine, and not even that breezy. I look out the window, and it's grey and drizzly, like every other day this week. Ugh. I was reminded earlier on how days without sunshine affected me terribly when Goose was tiny and I was REALLY suffering from the baby blues. I'd turn on every light in the house because I couldn't stand it to be so dark. It reminded me to pray for new mothers (and anyone else!) who might be suffering from the same. Hope we BOTH get a warm front to come through soon!

  2. i'll see what i can do, tho i don't believe i have that much influence!
    i hear you tho...we are due for our 1st bit of snow real soon. and the cold has most definitely set in. yikes!!!

  3. We are in the boat with you in Green Bay - cold, rainy & snowy. I really miss Fall - my favorite season.