Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Lambs Everywhere!

Alternate Title: Spring is Springing! or Summer Comes Early! or Are We Still in Wisconsin? :)

Here in Wisconsin March started like a lamb and today it is going out like a lamb as well. In between we've had a little bit of lion (like snow on the first day of spring), but really we've had a pretty decent beginning to spring. Today it was over 70 and tomorrow is going to be even nicer. I have daffodils that look like they may open in time for Easter. What a wonderful miracle! It is so rare to have daffodils by Easter in my yard and I am going to treasure seeing them this year. I am so grateful to be able to enjoy this wonderful week of weather.

Taking our evening walks is so nice now that the weather is warmer. We were pretty awful about them this winter, but now I am determined to make up for lost time. The exercise and fresh air are great for Little Guy and our dogs and goodness knows I need to get moving before the big event in June! I cannot believe that we are at 30 weeks already. Time is flying by as the end approaches and I am starting to feel the need to get some of the projects done that I have procrastinated. The scrapbook table and such that got moved upstairs needs to be organized so we have room to bring out some of the baby stuff. We need to get the co-sleeper into our bedroom. I need to wash the Kissaluv 0s and the little blankets. And on and on and on. Gratefully we have what we need for the baby and I have no stress about buying new things. Our kids will use each other's hand-me-downs (especially as babies) and we purposefully registered for a stroller and such that would co-ordinate for a boy or girl.

One the plus side I've already brought up the clothes that Little Guy will use this summer, sorted out his size and up totes/boxes, made my rummage sale list for this year and am starting to make a list of things to cook and freeze in April and May. Our freezer was packed for the arrival of Little Guy and I plan to do it again for this baby. It was a great helper/time saver during those early days. We've got a date for our Bradley refresher course, have a date set for our church's baptismal class for second time parents and I've been busy practicing my relaxation. Preparations are underway! When I get stressed about getting ready I try and focus on what has been accomplished...sometimes easier said than done!

I hope you are enjoying wonderful spring weather this week too. Get outside and enjoy it!


  1. Lucky you almost having flowers already! Mine are still a ways off. WOW I can't believe you're 30 weeks already...don't know where time goes. Sounds like you're doing great!

  2. We had our first Bradley class this past Tuesday and we're really excited about it. I think it will go well and we'll learn alot. I'm jealous of your daffodils too. I have tulips and daylilies coming up, but no blooms for a while I'm sure. Have a good Easter!

  3. There aren't blossoms yet, but the heads are there so I'm hoping. It was over 80 today, I believe and tomorrow as well! Makes it hard to believe that we had snow a mere 10 days ago.

    I'm so glad you enjoyed your class. We got so much out of ours and I am anxious to get our refresher under our belt!