Saturday, November 12, 2011


and waiting and waiting. At least that is how it feels.

Baby #3 didn't want to share a birthday with two of our friend's babies who were both born on November 8th. Coincidentally, that was our due date. We are so excited for both families who have healthy babies after long has been waiting for over a year to adopt, got the call on Friday, baby was born on Tuesday and they were headed home with her on Wednesday! Talk about a whirlwind journey into parenthood after a seemingly endless wait. The second has been on bed rest for 8 weeks and held out to delivery a big 8 pound boy at 36 1/2 weeks. We are so relieved that they were able to make it so far and that Mommy and baby are doing well. Great news that day, but we wanted in to make it a huge triple birthday party! It was too funny to get the calls that day as on Sunday we three Mommies had all talked about the chance that we could have babies on the same day. And then two of them did, within 2 hours of each other!

Then on Friday we had our first ever false alarm. As in had the van packed, had everyone on high alert and then it all faded away... We later realized it was full moon and that if things had gone well we would have had the coolest birthday ever, 11/11/11! But rather than 'having it all' the baby decided to wait for a little longer. We are just doing our best to be patient. I'm trying to rest easy in the knowledge that these contractions are doing a job and making life easier in the long run and that Baby 3 knows best when to join us! And of course, s/he will have her/his OWN birthday now :)

Today is beautiful and tomorrow is going to be warm too. I've said I'd love to have a beautiful day to have this baby, so here's hoping! And in the mean time I'll just keep learning to be patient. And be grateful that our baby is healthy and wiggling and has two big siblings eager to meet him or her!


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  1. Hang in there! You'll be a family of 5 before you know it. :) Blessings for a safe and quick labor & delivery!