Sunday, November 27, 2016

Pastured Lamb Breakdown

We purchased a pastured lamb from a local farm for the first time this fall.  We've tried lamb a few times and really liked it, so we figured we'd jump into an entire animal.

The live weight was 130 pounds and we paid the farm $1.50/lb for the live weight.  The hanging weight ended up being 73 pounds which was pretty close to the expected based on what we found online.  At that point we were estimating we'd end up with about 54 lbs of take home meat, but it ended up being less.  The processing fee at Country Pride was $75 flat.  The take home ended up being 47 pounds which meant the total was $5.74/lb for everything we brought home, higher for the cuts we actually will use.  This was lower than expected, especially since we got everything bone in and go the liver and heart.  Not sure if it was just an extra fatty animal or if it was the way it was cut, but the price ended up about $1/pound higher than expected.  Personally I was also surprised by the strong flavor of the meat.  I like pastured raised animal because they have more taste and the lamb we had previously was pastured as well so I am not sure if this was an older animal or was male or what, but the shanks were strong. The kids seemed okay with it though and the stew I made was enjoyed.  I am glad we did this, but am not sure if we will do this again. 

Rib Roast, 1 packages, 2.5 pounds
Ground Lamb, 3 packages, 3 pounds
Chops, 4 packages, 7 pounds
Leg of Lamb, 2 packages, 11 pounds
Rib Steaks, 2 packages, 3 pounds
Shoulder Roast, 4 packages, 12 pounds
Shanks, 4 packages, 4 pounds
Neck 2 packages, 2.5 pounds
Stew Meat, 1 package, 1 pound
Liver, 1 package, 1 pound
Heart, 1 package, 1 pound

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