Monday, March 21, 2011

I'm Impressive!

I just got back from a Dr. visit and found out that I'm impressive. Yup, this time I had to go to the doctor. I fought a really, really bad sinus infection all on my own. The pain was so bad at times that I used labor breathing to get through. And yes, I did take Tylenol, but because of nursing I didn't want to take anything else. I also told Mike that I kind of thought it might hurt less if someone would punch me in the cheek because if the bones were crunched then the pressure would be relieved. Crazy talk, huh? It was not fun.

Then the pressure got better and the pain subsided. That is when I realized that there were other issues brewing as well. My right ear was ringing and really plugged up. I've never had such an odd sensation in my ear. There was pain sometimes, but not much and nothing compared to my sinus issues. I figured it would clear up as the sinus issues cleared up.

But it didn't. It has stayed the same and sometimes feels even worse. And it has been over a week now. Ten days of worrying about my hearing. Ten days of wanting to have the ringing just stop already. Ten days of hoping I'd get up in the morning and would be back to normal. No has persisted.

So today I went to the Dr. and was told that I was impressive. Turns out it is very rare to see an ear infection in an adult. It is even rarer to see one that is as severe as mine. All in all the doctor declared my case to be impressive. And I'm starting antibiotics shortly. Here's hoping I can go back to being normal soon!

Happy Monday,

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