Friday, April 1, 2011

No Fooling!

Happy April Fool's Day from a Mommy that did nothing to celebrate. I'm just not that creative these days, I guess.

Today involved a trip to the doc for me again. The ear is still plugged up and ringing, but the puss and infection is gone. Yippee to being done with antibiotics! Of course, now we are still working on getting all the congestion cleared up so the ear will work properly again. It is amazing how hard it is to function when I cannot understand Little Guy and Mike half the time and do not have my super mommy hearing to help know what the two little ones are doing when they are in a different room than me. I'm just hoping that it gets cleared up soon!

And being on antibiotics without taking acidophiles (what was I thinking forgetting to do that!) seems to have caused a yeast imbalance. So I'm working on getting that back on track. Seriously, two full days of antibiotics when in labor with Little Guy and eight weeks of them after my post labor surgery with Peanut and no problems. Ten days due to an ear infection and BAM! problems. Ugh.

Funniest thing said recently that I can remember. During prayers Little Guy was going through our friends and family and Godparents and everyone we pray for. And to wrap things up he said "God Bless pancakes!" And I giggled. Almost every morning he wakes up asking for breakfast and says "Momma making pancakes?" Most mornings the answer is no, but at least once a week we do have them for breakfast. I guess he'd like to make sure that God continues to bless our family with pancakes! The irony is that two days ago I gave him the last of some blueberry pancakes from the freezer and he immediately lost it. Turns out that he really, really, really wanted toast that one morning. He NEVER wakes up asking for toast, even that particular morning. I guess he just likes to keep me on my toes.

Continuing to pray for spring weather and a healthy household!

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