Friday, January 18, 2013


Our little family will soon escape the city for the freedom of the country!  We've wanted to find a home with more space and to get into a more rural setting for a while and yet, it seems like it happened so fast.  A couple of years ago Mike and I made a list of steps to get where we wanted to be and set a timeline for when we wanted to have it happen.  So far, so good!  And really, way quicker than the timeline so's hoping that continues.  We still need to close and move, clean up our current home and get it on the market and then sell it!  Once it sells we'll dump all of the proceeds into our current home and pay it off as quickly as possible. After we are debt free we'll be saving up for a big dream vacation for our entire family...we're going to Disney!  Mike can't wait to take us and the kids are very excited as well.  Of course we won't go until we hit our goals and everyone is potty trained :)

Our new home is more than double the square footage of our current home and yet it only has three bedrooms.  It has an office for Mike in the basement, far away from the craziness of our 4, 2 and 1 year olds.  We'll have an acre and half with some young fruit trees, mulberry trees, some hazelnut trees, a raspberry patch, wild asparagus, and two garden areas.  We plan to expand the gardens in a big way, add more fruit trees, get chickens and maybe even ask around about the acre lot next to our home. It is the only other area that could even possibly be developed and we may try and buy it to ensure we have the space to do what we want in the future.  The home is on a dead end road with only a few other houses, but it is very easy to access the interstate which makes things much easier for Mike as he travels.  We have met one neighbor and they have a HUGE garden, bees, chickens and I'm really hoping they will help me learn a lot about all of those things!

I'll post pictures once the home is officially ours, which happens on Feb 1st.  We'll be moving in on Feb 5th and appreciate any and all prayers during those first two weeks of Feb.  We know they'll be crazy as we try and get things done and get our home ready to go on the market.  It is going to be especially challenging because of the travel time between the two homes, as well as juggling the kids and projects.  But we know that once we have the house on the market and get unpacked and settled it will be worth it.   I'm so grateful that my kids will get to grow up as country kids!

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