Saturday, January 19, 2013

Let's Get Popping!

I heard that today is National Popcorn Day and just had to put it out there so I remember in future years!  We love popcorn at this house and for dinner tonight we'll be doing popcorn and smoothies with a movie to celebrate...the kids can't wait!  We will even have a very special (and not very good for us) treat of dessert popcorn.  For Christmas we were gifted the Chocolate Lover's collection of Boy Scout popcorn and there is a bag of white chocolate popcorn and one of chocolate popcorn.  They'll be enjoyed by our little family tonight! 

We've enjoyed popcorn a lot more around here since I found a source for bulk popcorn that is raised without a lot of chemicals and such.  We bought 100 pounds (half yellow, half white) and are enjoying a lot more cornbread (grinding it in the nutrimill) and movie nights with popcorn and smoothies.  We've even gifted a large container of it to my dad who is the ultimate popcorn lover!  I've even been collecting recipes for different spice combinations and ways of making it to enjoy some variety.  I love having a whole grain snack that my kids love and is so reasonable in cost. 

Happy Popping!

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