Sunday, February 17, 2013

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We've closed (on Feb 1st) and we've moved (on Feb 5th) and we are so overwhelmed!  Things went fine at closing and we moved a load of things that day.  Then I went back another day and painted two rooms and took a van load of stuff again.  And then we took down our smaller chest freezer and a ton of frozen food the day before the movers came.  We have a HUGE chest freezer as well and were worried about trying to move all the frozen food in both freezers at the same time.  This made it a lot easier.

The 5th was a crazy day. The movers took longer than expected to load the van and we had tired, cranky, cold kids by the time we could hit the road to the new house.  And about an hour before they finished loading the snow fell and fell and fell.  So we were trying to get to the house before them (they were going to stop for lunch) with enough time to clear the driveway for them.  Turns out it would have been good to move the snow blower before moving day!  But we shoveled like crazy while the kids watched a movie in the new house and we got a good chunk done before they got there.  And they didn't even stop for lunch!

Mike and I had done a lot of the running at the old house, bringing boxes and totes and such to the main level in order to save time since we were paying by the 15 minutes. And at the new house we had them just drop everything in the garage (the benefit of having 2 two car garages attached) and only take in the heavy furniture.  Even so it was a long 10 1/2 hour day with the movers and we were so relieved to have them gone!

The day after we moved my parents arrived and spent the next four days helping us.  We moved a million boxes (give or take) into the house and unpacked a bunch of them.  We worked like maniacs up in Milwaukee at the old house.  We painted, cleaned, moved more loads of stuff and fixed things up.  Their help was amazing and got us so much further ahead and yet I know they feel like they didn't get much done.  Sometimes I think they are superhuman!

Of course the day after they left I got sick.  I don't get sick often, but when I do it is big.  Really big.  And although a day of rest, rest and rest seemed to have me back on the right path towards being better last night I woke up feeling like it is starting over. And the kids all have it too,so the little one has had some rough nights.  Fun!  It is a cold with sinus issues, cough, etc and we just are all praying for recovery and for Daddy to stay healthy.

We need one more big work day in Milwaukee and wanted it to be tomorrow, but now we are thinking it will have to wait.  The house needs to get on the market, but our health is more important and we can't get much done when we are all sick.  We keep sending prayers up that the right buyer will find the house once it is on the market.  Someone who will be reasonable to deal with, will appreciate the house and will love the neighbors like we have!

So for now, signing off from Turtle!

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