Monday, March 11, 2013

Give Me a Break, Give Me a Break...

Please God,  can you just give us a break?

I know I shouldn't complain because there are so many people dealing with much bigger issues, but our little family could really use a break.  We've been sick for more than a month now and we really would love to have a break from the coughing, congestion, fevers and other illnesses that have invaded our house.  And our little one could use a break from the teething for a night or two.  He needs to sleep and even giving him pain killers has barely made a dent.  Five big teeth at once is a bit much for our little 15 month old to take, especially when dealing with a cough too.  And really Mommy and Daddy would be healing better if we could catch a good night's sleep too!  We don't really like the hours of 10:30-2:30...we'd prefer to be sleeping.

And as long as I'm whining we could really use a buyer to come along quick so that things could get wrapped up and we could just focus on settling into our house.  And really if you wanted to send an angel to unpack and organize and decorate our house that would be great!  And fix all the things that need to be dealt with in the house.  And make the snow and cloudy days stop so we can get on with spring!  And, And, And...

But just so you don't think I'm a totally self indulgent complainer we want you to know that we love our new church!  And are so grateful for the awesome library system!  And meeting the local butcher who raises the pig we'll be ordering this week and also goes to our awesome church!  And for all the friendly people who've done so much to make us feel welcome!  Really we are grateful and very optimistic that this will be everything we had hoped for in a new home in the country.

We just kind of need a break from the sickness and the dreariness and the snow....we can't wait to for SPRING!

Thanks God,


  1. Are things going a little better? It's like that old saying, God doesn't give us more than we can handle but it would be nice if He didn't trust us so much...

    I spent the morning in the ER with hubs thinking it was his appendix, but it wasn't. Which is good, except we still don't know what is causing his pain.

    But seriously, just a four hour stretch of sleep once in a while would be awesome... :>)

  2. Poor mama! Hope he is feeling scary! And yes, things are getting better and we just got back from a wonderful, but quick trip to visit family in South Dakota. Unfortunately we discovered that our baby ruptured his ear drum this morning so we'll be heading to the Dr. in the morning. Funny thing is he gave no signs of an ear infection. Tough kid, I guess! Hope you are getting some sleep!