Wednesday, June 16, 2010

41 and Counting

Just a quick update...still pregnant!

We've passed the official 41 weeks mark (on Tuesday) and decided to strip my membranes today. Here's hoping it did something to help move things along. Since we are starting to come up against a major shift in schedule for our family (Daddy will be gone every day for a large part of the day for about a month straight) and potential of induction we've decided to keep encouraging my body with many different things. We are still doing the herbs, the pumping and assorted other activities that encourage labor. You know, like walking :)

Tomorrow I'll be drinking the caster oil unless things change before then. Here's hoping I can avoid it! We'll be doing that in the morning along with the 5 hours (10 minutes each hour) of pumping and a dose of B&B each time. If things do not change after that we'll reevaluate. My midwife does not think a chiropractor is worth the money for me since I do not normally see one. She has only seen decent success when it is part of an ongoing treatment. However, she did say that acupuncture could be helpful if we exhaust everything else. Time will tell how far we'll have to go.

It is interesting to see how my emotions change from day to day right now. I am still very sad that my parents will not meet this baby until the middle of July. I really wish my mom could have been here for the birth. I also believe that babies come when they are ready and wish we were not having to do anything to encourage this baby. I know that it will break my heart a little if we have to do a hospital induction, especially since the chances of Mike missing the birth go up exponentially if the baby does not come by Saturday. I really want to be holding my baby in my arms, looking in his/her eyes, figuring out how to balance the baby and Little Guy and just be able to be a mom now...

Such an interesting journey, isn't it?

Still praying for labor,


  1. Heather, I am thinking it will not be long. And I am praying and believing for a baby to be in your arms by Saturday. Amen.

    PS...Let us know asap, eh?

  2. Praying, praying, praying. And praying some more.