Sunday, June 13, 2010

Bye Bye Grandma and Grandpa

What a week!

This has been one of the most interesting weeks of my life, I dare say. My parents were here for 8 days and we had the BEST time with them. Seriously, my husband and I agree this was the very best vacation/visit we have ever experienced with them. Often there is some type of craziness when family is all together or my parents are distracted by the dog and cat rescue that they run. We've had a few vacations that have left us feeling more than a little frustrated or just ready to be back in our routine at home.

This one was wonderful. Grandma and Grandpa played with Little Guy, were totally plugged in to us, visited with other family here in the state, spent a couple hours a few times during the week working on their volunteering, went with us to the zoo, a Brewer's game, a playground, to rummage sales and just really seemed to be on vacation with us. They also did a bunch of big projects for us around the house which was an added blessing! (I got two little raised gardening beds!!!)

It really was perfect (with one tiny little exception). They were staying for a week in order to meet their newest grandchild. Said child did not cooperate. Baby 2 is still happily squirming around in me. I cannot tell you the emotional upheaval this has caused for me. I wanted them to meet the baby. I want to meet the baby. I had debated and finally decided that I would have my mom with me and Mike during the delivery. We will probably not have this opportunity again since my mom lives 9 hours away, but it seemed to be ready to work out perfectly this time. But it didn't.

The baby reminded me...I'm not in charge here. Baby 2 hasn't found his/her birthday yet. Baby will come when baby is ready. That may mean that things get a bit challenging here as Mike heads into his very busy summer library schedule. I don't know what will happen or how we'll make sure Daddy is there for the delivery (or how I'll get to the birth center without a second vehicle) but we'll have to figure it out if Baby waits another week.

I just wish, wish, wish that Baby 2 would have arrived. I cannot believe how emotional it has made me to have to say good bye to my parents without having had the baby. I've cried a lot in the last 24 hours..A LOT. I keep hoping that means baby will come, but mostly I'm just so disappointed and sad that things were so wonderful and yet weren't.

Does that make any sense?

And since we are only hours away from 41 weeks (and I DREAD having to talk to our midwife about switching to an OB and induction and no birth center) we'd love any additional ideas that anyone has about starting labor. Our midwife gave us a few very common and simple ideas before, but she waits until at least 41 weeks to talk about other options. We'll be having that talk tomorrow at 9am!

Pray for contractions is now my motto...funny, it was the same after my water broke with Little Guy and labor wasn't kicking in hard enough. I guess God really wants me to want to have labor.



  1. Aw, Heather. I am sorry baby has decided to wait a bit. God knows best and He has this under control. I guess you must put your trust in that, tho that doesn't mean you can't be very disappointed.
    I know a few mom's who swear by castor oil mixed with something like orange juice to bring on contractions. I'm afraid all it would bring on for me would be heaving!!! Not sure of the amounts, but googling would answer that in a heartbeat.
    Lord bless you as you wait!!

  2. Would your midwife strip your membranes? Our Bradley instructer had to have that done, but it jump started her labor when she was overdue. I hear it doesn't feel very good, but it can help.

    Otherwise lots of spicy food, nipple stimulation and sex!

    Good luck!

  3. There is a pressure point on the inner side of your knees that a massage therapist told me about. Walking helps some people and so does sex. I have had my membranes stripped, not the worst, but not a bowl of ice cream either.

  4. Thanks for the ideas ladies! So far we've tried most of them pretty much daily. I've even been eating spicier food and I'm not much for it.

    Stripping the membranes and the castor oil are on the list of things to discuss this week. The big concern with the membranes is that I'm Group B Strep + and they really do not recommend that as it can introduce the bacteria higher up. It will be interesting to hear our midwives additional ideas/suggestions tomorrow!

    Thanks again,

  5. Ugh! I don't have any other advice, not that you can't find by googling yourself. I am SO SORRY that things didn't work out like you hoped. I completely agree with Cyn - God knows what He's doing, but that doesn't mean you have to be all that happy about it. (Just think of how you know what you're doing with the little guy, but he doesn't have to be happy about it either! :>))

    Here's hoping for a good appointment tomorrow with good advice and information (and really, here's hoping ctx start soon!)!