Friday, August 14, 2009

Frugal Find Friday--Pampered Chef edition

It's Frugal Find Friday again! Today I'm showcasing two of the Pampered Chef items I've found frugally recently.

The first is something I've wanted for a while and I was SO excited when I found it. It is one of the Pampered Chef mini-serving spatula. I realize it is not a high dollar item at just $4.50, but I really find it hard to justify spending that much on one. When I saw it in a box of kitchen odds and ends for just $.25 I knew it was meant to be mine. It is in perfect shape and a quarter is really more my style :)

As an aside, do not forget to look in those kinds of odds and ends boxes. You never know what you'll find for a steal. Often there is lots of crazy junk, but I've scored a Tupperware funnel, a set of metal measuring spoons like I grew up with and this Pampered Chef small server in different ones. They can be little gold mines!

The second Pampered Chef item I found is a pizza lifter. My mother-in-law mentioned wanting a pizza peel a while back. She has looked, but never found one and I tucked that information away in case I ever came upon one. I did happen to find a smallish wooden one at a sale a few weeks ago and I dropped it when coming into the house. It broke! I felt a bit sick to my stomach about it all, but if I could break it that easily then I'm glad it happened before I gave it to her. I'd hate to give a gift that didn't last! The $1.50 that I spent on it was wasted, but I just hoped I'd find another one sometime. I know she'd really like one and has given up finding one on her own.

Today I found a Pampered Chef Lift and Serve. These two pieces work together to lift pizzas, wreaths and cakes. I think that she'll be excited about having them as they are similar to having a pizza peel and for just $3 I was glad to get them! And they are in the house and they are not broke! :) They originally sold for $11.75 and I'm not sure if they are even still available. Whatever the case, I consider it a $3 well spent.

Of course, no frugal Pampered Chef posting would be complete without mentioning my great find on the apple peeler/corer/slicer! It was a find that I will be using for years to come.

Happy Hunting to all those Frugal Friday followers. It is going to be a beautiful weekend here in WI and I have a feeling that garage sales will be hopping tomorrow. Let me know if you snagged any deals this week!

Here is a picture of those measuring spoons. They cost me a quarter and I'm excited to replace my plastic ones with them. Memories of cooking at home and no worries about plastic, I couldn't ask for more! For more great thrify find visit Southern Hospitality Blog.



  1. Oh that is wonderful! I was never aware of the goodness that is Longaberger and scored a nice basket at a yard sale for $10 later to learn it was worth MUCH MUCH more. You just never know!


  2. I LOVE PC!! And their pizza stones rock! Thanks for visiting my blog!!

  3. Those pizza stones are expensive.

    Come for a visit.
    Its So Very Cheri

  4. Looks like you found some great stuff! I have found some stones in the past.