Friday, August 7, 2009

We're Back and He's ONE!

It has been a whirlwind of the highest order around here lately. I didn't say too much before hand or during, but it has been a crazy month for trips and such around our household. And our baby is now officially ONE! Where has the time gone?

To give you a brief rundown here's where we've been. In the last two weeks we've spent 5 days (Thursday-Monday) in Kentucky visiting my family and attending a cousin's wedding. Then we came home and had 5 days to plan and get ready for our little one's birthday party. During that week I worked, Mike had gigs and we took his actual birthday (Thursday) to just have a low key day with the three of us. Then Saturday we attended another first birthday part and Sunday we hosted ours. To keep life interesting we headed to St. Louis early Monday morning and met my sister and the munchkins who came up from Arkansas! Tuesday Mike played at a library in Illinois and we drove home that afternoon/evening. Wednesday I worked at 4:30 am and then we spent the day at another band job. Thursday I worked at 6 am. Thank goodness it is Friday and I'm not working!!!

But, all in all I'm so glad we've seen both sets of Grandparents, his aunt and cousins and all right around his birthday. It felt like it was the longest birthday party ever! Maybe next year we can all meet at one location and save a few thousand miles on our van :) It is wonderful to have so many family and friends and for my husband to be doing something he loves. I am really excited to spend some time at home and to catch up on our lives a bit. We seem to work best as a family when we have down time to just relax and hang out together, take the dogs on walks and just be together. August should provide some opportunity for that and I am grateful!

No deals to report this week although hopefully I'll be doing some rummaging on my way home from work tomorrow. Today we are headed off to sign our trust/will and little guy is spending his first time away from us. How great is it that his entire first year was spent with one of his parents there to take care of his every need? I know that he is in good hands today, but it is going to be odd to be together and not have him there. I never knew when we'd take time away although it will be good for us to do it more as he gets older. I'm just grateful that there hasn't been a reason until now.

Have a wonderful Friday and we'll return to the Frugal Find Friday postings next week!


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  1. Wow! And Congrats on being 1... to the little one.