Monday, August 10, 2009

Off to the Fair!

We are off to the Wisconsin State Fair today! Mike and I have gone almost every year and we are excited to go again this year. Last year we had a baby who was only about a week old, so we decided to skip it. Now our little guy will get to see all the animals and have his very first taste of a cream puff. If you've never been to the Wisconsin State Fair then you've never had a real honest to goodness, so big you can't believe it, yummy as can be cream puff. I can't wait for mine. Thankfully I didn't miss out on these last year as two wonderful friends brought some to the new mommy!

The picture is not our little guy. It is from five years ago when my parents and nephew came up for a visit. He was about 18 months old and had THE BEST time at the fair. The cream puffs were a hit, as were all things piggy and tractor. And there are lots of tractors and things piggy at the state fair! When we were showing his mom the pictures a few months later he got really excited all over again. I hope our little guy enjoys it like his cousin did!

Have a great Monday and pray it doesn't rain all over us. Its been a wet weekend and they are saying its not over yet.


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