Friday, August 21, 2009

Frugal Find Friday

This is a fun one to share! It is my first Frugal Find Friday featuring something I found in another state.

When visiting my family and attending a cousin's wedding in Kentucky my mom and I took a few hours to do a little rummaging. My mom is always on the go and never takes time to do this so for her it was a real treat to see what was out there. And she enjoyed it! She bought lots of things for her grandkids and a few things for herself. In the end I had to drag her home. Little guy was so tired and hungry and I was worn out, but she wanted to keep going! You get that lady started and she won't quit. As she pointed out, she never does this and she wanted to get as much in as she could. I was never so excited to stop rummaging as I was that day. We were just tuckered out!

So, the fun and frugal finds. At the best sale there were two ladies with about three tables of things set up. There didn't seem to be much, but you just never know. We were able to park right by the sale so I ran up and mom stayed with the little one. I found a handful of wooden utensils and spoons that she told me were $.10. Not each, for all of them. No problem! Then I found a cute little purse for just $.50! I love purses, but have not let myself buy any for a long time. I had decided about a month ago that if I could find a tote/purse that I could use as a diaper bag when needed that I'd get it. This one is adorable, will work when needed and was the right price! It does need a little stitching on one side, but that shouldn't be too hard. And it is in the same colors as little one's birthday party.

There were 3 pitchers on another table and I asked how much they were. I have quite a few pitchers and I love them lots. They are another item I have not let myself purchase for quite a while, but I just couldn't resist asking. The two were only $.25 each and another lady near the table snatched up the cuter of the two while I was asking. (Note to self: Always hold the item you are interested in as someone may overhear and take item before you can get back to it!) The third one she wanted more for. As she pointed out it is a Longaberger and they are more valuable. Her price was fair, but I just really don't need anymore pitchers!

So I paid for my spoons and purse and went back to the car. I told her about the pitchers and she couldn't believe I didn't buy any of them! Mom headed over to see what she could find and came back with some UK things and other odds and ends. And when she came back to the car she handed me the Longaberger pitcher! She laughed and said Happy Birthday. What a deal for her and what a fun thing for me. Mike just smiled when I showed him. He really doesn't understand the love for the cutie pies! This one is a one quart pitcher and is in a pattern that they don't do anymore.

The next day I told my aunt about this pitcher. She collects lots and lots of Longaberger and knows their value. She was really surprised at what a good deal we got and I almost feel like we should give it to her. But I think it is going to stay at my house!

This find was free for me, but in the interest of full disclosure I should tell you that the nice KY woman charged $2.50 for this. You can buy them at for $21.99 (+ shipping I'm sure) and new they were probably about $30-$40.

The other great find for me was a little 6 drawer all wood dresser for $5. Thank goodness we had the minivan and could haul it home. It is in pretty good shape and I'm debating keeping it as is or painting it. Either way it will be a welcome addition for some storage in this no decent closet house!

What fun Frugal Finds, don't you think? So, what frugal things have y'all found? Anything from KY? Or any state other than your own? Let me hear about them! And for lots more frugal findings please visit Southern Hospitality Blog.



  1. that's exciting. i can wait to go bargain hunting again.

  2. I have that same problem in my house... no storage. I'm buying up every dresser and storage unit that can fit in my car. LOL Thanks for sharing your fun finds!

  3. I Love the little tote, and how cool on the pitcher, it's Beautiful! I had to laugh at Nori's comment above, I to buy any and every dresser I can fit in my car, lol!