Sunday, August 16, 2009

So Simple!

I learned a neat trick for coring pears and thought I should share! All you need to serve full cored yummy pears without much waste is a melon baller.

I cut the pear in half and check how big the core part is. Then I can just use which ever end of the melon baller that fits around the core the best.

You just line it up, scoop it out and you are done!

Such an easy way to get rid of the seeds and such without wasting lots of yummy pear. When I used a knife I always felt like a lot of pear disappeared with the core, but that is not the case when using a melon baller to core.

If there is a little bit of tough stringiness along the edge just quarter the pear and use a knife to remove the very edge. Then slice and serve!

Talk about a kitchen tip that works for me. Hope it saves you some time and pear yumminess :)
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  1. Great idea! I usually slice mine with an apple corer/slicer and do feel like I waste some of the good pear.


  2. ingenious!! It's surprising the number of uses you can find for melon ballers and cookie and ice cream scoops!! Thanks for sharing this!!

    Many blessings!

  3. What a great way to keep from wasting some "pearfectly" good fruit :)

  4. Fantastic! We'll be using this tip a lot, as we love pears!