Monday, June 1, 2009

Blogs I Love

I'm thinking about starting to showcase some of my favorite blogs and favorite posts on those blogs. I started reading blogs a few years ago and find that over time some have remained favorites and some have come and gone from life. There are more and more new ones that I am introduced to or find and fall in love with too. Sometimes it would be great to take a day and just read blogs! Of course, there is a baby, a husband, work, meals to prepare, laundry and a few hundred other things that make up my life. So, I think for now I must keep my favorites within limits :)

Anyone have a favorite that I may not have heard of? Anyone else have a 'problem' where you must go back and read every post written by a particular blogger when you find a blog that is awesome? (Seriously, I've read every post on Pioneer Woman. It is a problem.) Anyone want to tout their own blog?

I'll do my best to give a comprehensive overview of those I love. Maybe you'll find a new one to love!


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