Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Works for Me Wednesday--Mom, I'm Bored!

Today is the "Mom, I'm bored!" edition of Works for Me Wednesday. Obviously my little guy is not yet old enough to say any of those words, however he still makes it obvious that he is bored from time to time. Like from 2:30-2:31. Why is it that my toddler has an attention span of less than 2 minutes? Although sometimes, when I am really lucky, he finds the CD player interesting enough to play with it for a whole 5 minutes!

In all honesty I find his way of discovering things to be so interesting to watch. I love seeing him 'get' a new way of doing something or a joke. I made teased him the other day by mimicing his pouting in his high chair and he got it. He looked at me crossing my arms and pouting, then looked at his own arms and back at me and giggled. Nothing is better than a baby giggle.

So back to my tip. I find that my little guy likes our stuff more than his toys most days. My tip is to let him play with your stuff! Now some things he isn't allowed to touch and somethings I don't want him to mess with. However, most other stuff he is allowed to at least check out. He crawls over to the pile of books I have pulled out to add to the rummage sale pile and I let him pick them up and knock the stack over and drool on them a little. He is curious and it is how he is learning, little damage is done and it keeps me from becoming a total control freak!

My other idea is to rotate his toys. Already I can tell he gets bored with the same toys everyday. So some rotate out of play for a week or so and then when they appear it is a big deal. He wants to chew on them and drool on them and bang them against things again. In other words he is excited to see them! The way I rotate them is to have some in the van, some in the kitchen, some by his crib and some in the diaper bag. These little toys get shifted every so often and it makes them new again. When we are in the van I just grab a few and throw them in the diaper bag. The ones in the bag get tossed on the blanket in the kitchen. A few from the kitchen get hauled up when it is nap time and a few from there get put by his coat to be added to the van. This keeps our total number of toys down saving us money and clutter. It keeps him from being bored with the same couple of toys all the time. A win-win.

Works for me! I'm taking notes from all the other Moms. It won't be long until he is older and I hear the "I'm BORED!" See all the ideas here.


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