Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Grateful for the Flowers!

It is hot, hot, hot today in Wisconsin. We seem to have gone from early spring weather to hard core summer weather in just a week. It is hard to believe that we were all complaining about the cold and rain and now we are all complaining about how hot and humid it is...hard to please, aren't we? :)

Today, I thought I'd show some pictures of flowers from summers past. We've already enjoyed the tulips, hyacinth, daffodils, peonies, iris and such this spring, but there are lots of others still to come. I love the beauty that is showcased by all the different flowers. I'm not a true green thumb but did have lots of beautiful flowers at my single girl house. Lots of them are still there, but slowly I'm working on bringing some flowers to our home. These are all photos I took from flowers in my yard! I'm so proud since I planted all of these too. The previous owner had no flowers at all. I was lucky there was one hosta plant in the back corner of the garage. The rest of the bed came from hard work, plant sharing, Stein's and some seeds. What a feast for the eyes it is when the flowers all show their colors!

So pretty in pink! Love the pop of color that annuals can provide.

Those big, beautiful white blooms. The peonies smell so heavenly too!

These beauties are such a perfect peach color with the most lovely violet petals. Every year I am amazed how perfect they are!

Nothing grows as easily or elegantly as day lilies. These bright orange beauties have sent up their stalks and are getting ready to bloom again this year!

Shasta Daisies. They are simple, sweet and look amazing when many other flowers are finished. I love them massed into a simple glass milk bottle. We don't have these at our house yet and I miss my big bank of them along the side of my garage at my single girl house. So cheery, you just can't help but be happy when you see them!

The beauty of the season is what I am grateful for today. See lots of other gratitude flowing by visiting Gratituesday here.

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