Sunday, June 7, 2009

Cheap Family Fun

Friday was a beautiful day here in Wisconsin. Finally, some glimpses of the summer to come! Yesterday and today are not so beautiful so it makes me grateful that we took the time to get out and enjoy it Friday afternoon.

We took the little one to the park again. It was his second trip to the baby swings and he loved it just as much as the first time! It is a bit of a hike to get to the park, but the dogs and both of us could use the exercise. One of the benefits of our not so typical life is that we were both home Friday afternoon and could walk down, spend some time, walk back and still have dinner as a family before the little guy had to head to bed.

When we put him in the swing he just looked at us and as soon as it started going he started grinning. We were treated to the delicious sounds of baby giggles over and over and over. He really likes the sensation of the swing coming down/forward. So every push back (we stand in front of him) he smiles and every swing forward he giggles. It is awesome to hear and so fun to watch. Even another little girl started watching him swing! Of course then she started swinging too and our guy was so interested in watching her go higher and higher and higher that he couldn't focus on his own swinging. No worries, we didn't get any really good pictures, but I have an idea that we'll be spending more and more time down at the park this summer. This is one great way to spend time as a family and not spend any money. I've even scouted out another park with great play equipment that will probably be even less busy during the summer and is about the same distance from our house.

Now if we could just find a swing for our backyard! Of course, that would mean fewer long walks to the park which wouldn't be as good for me. And it is hard to beat the price of the park!

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