Saturday, June 20, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to all the Daddies out there! Of course, I won't get to see my Dad on Father's Day, but I'll be thinking about him and hopefully we'll get to chat. We will be going to see my in-laws latter in the day, but I thought I'd write about the father I see most often.
Mike is an awesome Daddy to our little guy. He was so involved throughout the entire pregnancy, attending Bradley classes, helping me practice my relaxation techniques and just being there when I needed a back rub! When my water broke and we began the real thing he was with me the entire 44ish hours of labor that it took to get our little one here. No going home to sleep, no wimping out on me...he was in it for the long haul. Heck he even took pictures of the placenta...he was into it!
After the peanut had spent a bunch of time on me and Mike had finally cut the cord the nurses handed him over to Mike. The picture above is that first nose to nose meeting of the most important men in my life. It was a sweet moment, watching Mike really get to meet his son. It chokes me up a bit to look at it even now! Of course, parenthood is never easy and the little guy gave Mike a whopping introduction by passing his entire meconium into Mike's hand. Everything was cozy baby warm so Mike didn't feel it until he handed him back to me and his entire hand was full of black tarry goo! Welcome to being a Daddy.

I had to go back to my part-time job after 12 weeks and Mike got to become the little one's caretaker while I was gone. Before that I had been the main event as we were nursing all the time and I was in full on baby mode. Mike took over duties like nobody's business and the boys have a good time when Mommy is gone to this day. I should mention that Mike has no siblings and had never really held a baby until ours was born, let alone changed a diaper. To say he had experience with babies or children would be a big stretch. I think it makes him an even bigger hero that he has stepped up to the plate in such a big way! He and little guy have a special bond and I'm glad that they have had time to be together without me getting in the way.

Little Guy's First Brewer's Game

I know lots of great Dads, but really wanted to brag on Mike. He is a great Father to our little guy! We both hope there will be more little ones in the future and I have no doubt that he'll be just as amazing with all of them too. Happy Father's Day Honey! Thanks for all you do for little guy and me.


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