Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A Legacy of Peonies

The pink peonies you see here are a bit of an heirloom in my family. I've been lucky enough to have a huge bank of them at my home growing up, a couple of them at my house when I was single and now they are at our home. When we get to move to the country they will be packing up their roots and coming with us. I also see them at my parents home (they moved to KY when I was in HS) and my grandparents home in SD. I'm sure you would find them at all my aunts homes as well. These peonies were the table centerpieces when my sister got married in Kentucky 9 years ago and they over flowed the huge vases we had on all 20 or so tables.

My sisters and I had many, many pictures taken along the bank of the blooms growing up. I even had a prom dress that was the color of the center of the peonies. That spring my mom took pictures of me in that dress with the flowers. I feel like these peonies are a part of my heritage and every spring I anxiously await seeing and smelling them. Those pink ladies smell just heavenly! There is no perfume that compares to the smell of our family's peonies.

We've been having a very cool spring here in Wisconsin and this week we finally (FINALLY) got to smell the wonderful peonies. Of course, I couldn't resist joining in the tradition!


The white ones are gorgeous and are a gift from a friend. They are also wonderful to look at and smell. I have a red plant as well, but it is still at my single girl house (now a rental for us) and I need to move it over here in the fall. My favorite will always, always be the pink ones.
They are only here for a short time and I make an effort to stop and smell them as many times as I can. It has been fun letting little guy smell them too...I think he's hooked!

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