Monday, July 6, 2009

Free Redbox Monday

So happy to report a new free redbox code for today! Mike and I love having our movie Mondays where we get a free rental and enjoy it with homemade pizza for dinner. redbox bummed us out big time when they announced they would not be doing a free code every Monday anymore. For the summer they are doing a free code the first Monday of every month though and we are enjoying it while it lasts! We also had a few other codes to use so we've enjoyed a movie every Monday so far. Hopefully there will continue to be codes and we can keep up this tradition.

The July 6th free redbox code is 7HE79B.

What? You don't know about redbox? You're not sure how to use the codes? No problem.

Redbox machines are located at many Walmart, Walgreen, Pick N Save and other grocery locations. They are at McDonald's too, but I've never seen them at any in WI. If you need to find a location try looking up your zip code here. They look like vending machines and are red. There is typically a big bill board type part on one side that shows pictures of the more recent movies and then the vending machine right next to it.

Once you get to the machine just touch the area that says "Rent with a Promo Code." Then enter the promo code 7HE79B.

Search through the movies by genre or just scroll through them on the main screen. If you want to read about one just touch the movie poster of that particular one. Once you found one you like you just select "Checkout." You'll see the total cost and the promo code subtracting it. Your total will be $0.

You will need to run a credit card or debit card through. It will not be charged. You can rent multiple movies by using different credit or debit cards with the same promo code. You can only use any specific free redbox code one time with each credit or debit card.

You need to return the movie by Tuesday at 9 pm in order to avoid paying any fees. If you do not your card will be charged $1. This charge will continue at the rate of $1/day until you return the movie. If you go over 25 days they will stop charging your card and the movie is yours to keep. It would be more frugal to buy it than to do this. :) You can return you movie to ANY redbox location. So rent one on your way home from work today and return it tomorrow to the one on the way to the grocery store, or one close to your hubby's work. They make it simple, just get it there by 9 pm.

We have loved redbox for their generous free codes, the simplicity of getting and returning them to any location and the new releases they offer. Hey redbox, keep giving codes and I'll keep telling everyone I know to use your service!

Enjoy a free movie today!


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