Friday, July 24, 2009

Frugal Find Friday--Old Time Toys

This is one fun Frugal Find Friday to fill you in on. I was really excited about what I found and it just got better after I got home!

I made lots of stops in short order and found a few things off little guys clothing list for this next year. There were 4 pairs of shorts for $.50 each and 2 pairs of pjs for $.50 each as well. I know there were a few odds and ends too, but the two best things came at the same sale.

This was a big looking sale that had stuff all over the entire lawn, driveway, into a get the picture. There was a lot of old stuff and then some new, a rack of clothes and just a real mish-mash of things. Turns out there were like 9 different families involved, but I think most of it came from mom and dad cleaning out the house in a big way!

There didn't seem to be much off my list, but I poked around quickly to see if there was anything I had to have. One a tarp on the front lawn there were a few toys and when I got over there I saw this...

There were actually 2 of them, but only one had a mallet. They were marked $.25 and $.50 and the mallet was next to them. I asked the girl in charge if there were two mallets and she said no, just take which one I wanted. Well, I took the $.25 one! They were in similar shape, so I do not know what the deal with two prices was. It is really well made and I do not think it was just made as a children's toy. The label says it came from Korea and it is definitely been around for a good while.
Mike LOVES this! He has played and played and played with it. Keep in mind that Mike is my husband, not my baby :) The little one like it a lot too and has done pretty well in making melody sounding noises! Of course, he also like sucking on the mallet and it is meant for him as he gets older. I have a feeling we'll be doing a lot of playing with it and I already wonder if I shouldn't have bought both of them. What do you call this instrument? I called it a xylophone, but Mike INSISTS that it is a glockenspiel. A quick search on google shows that he is probably right since ours has metal keys, not wooden ones! Read about them here.
The other find was not too far away and you may have guessed what it is by the picture on top. I think that little guy is so cute and SO 70's!

Yes, I played with them. I had to make sure we had most the pieces! We do not have the blacksmith sign and I think we should have had a few more long pieces, but it is mostly there. Hopefully I'll be able to find more and little guy will have a big collection by the time he is older. This set is in great shape and even the box isn't too banged up.

So how much did I pay for the Lincoln Logs? You may have guessed it...$.25! So at this sale I spent a total of $.50 and we've already gotten that much enjoyment out of what I bought. And the baby isn't even old enough to play with them yet. Seriously, these may be our favorite toys we've gotten for him! There is one listed on e-bay now and the bidding starts at $4.99.
Did you find any great deals? Let me hear about them! More great deals over at Southern Hospitality!

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