Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I Survived!

What a day at work! It really wasn't too over the top busy, but we did have lines to the door a few times during the free pastry event. Most people were really excited about it and had their print out or had their cell phone with the information for us. They eagerly chose a pastry and said thank you. Of course, there were those who didn't have the info, but wanted a free pastry, which we gave them. There were those who wanted multiple free pastries since they printed out the coupon multiple times. We were only supposed to do one/person, in most cases we were able to give them one/drink they ordered if they had the print outs to go with them. There were those who wanted free pastries that were not a part of the promotion, which we couldn't do. There were even some that came after the event was over and didn't have any information other than they wanted the free pastry and they wanted one that wasn't part of the event. And one person was really disappointed that we didn't have any apple bran muffins left by the time she came.

Sometimes you just can't please everyone!

I love freebies and good deals, but I think we all do well to read the fine print, follow what it says, and be grateful for what we are given. Today I am grateful that so many people support Starbucks and by doing so keep my family covered with health insurance. I am also grateful for those who came today and were grateful for the generosity of Starbucks in promoting the new no artifical colors, flavors, trans fats or HFCS pastries. And gratefulness continues for those who realized that we were all working very hard for them and tipped us!

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