Thursday, July 30, 2009

Happy Birthday Sweet Boy!

Today my little baby turned 1 year old! I honestly cannot believe that he is that old already. I no longer have a little baby, I have a toddler. Time has flown so quickly and I have no doubt that it will continue to speed up even more as he gets older.

We watched some of the videos we've taken of him through the year. Wow, has he grown and changed! At one point he was fussing and crying on the TV and he was fussing and crying in the living room at the same time. I think he was trying to out scream himself! Mike pointed out that his cries sound very different, but they are the same pitch. Oh, a musician's ears are never at rest.

I am so grateful to have him in my life and love being his mama. Watching his videos made me miss the baby days even more than I typically do though. When he was born my mom asked me if it was a love like I'd never known. In many ways it is, but in many ways it just seems like he was meant to be here. Like he completed a part of our family that we didn't realize was missing, but that felt right when he got here. Like he had always been there, but we didn't know it and could now fully enjoy because he had arrived. He is simply wonderful.

The banner is something that we are using at a party on Sunday. I had found his outfit last Christmas when Steve and Barry's was going out of business. It is a really cute blue and green and white striped all in one outfit and I had some scrapbook papers that went with it. So, I figured I'd make a little banner to hang on our clothes line since it is right where everyone will be hanging out and eating. We are keeping things simple and this banner a few balloons are the only decorations we are doing. The food and cake is all being made by me and we are only over our grocery budget by $6 even with preparing to feed about 30 people. Wish us good weather for Sunday, will you? Thanks!

So the banner was so simple. I cut up some solid cardstock that went with the colors, cut scrapbook patterned paper into circles (using a Creative Memory circle maker I've had forever), glued them together and then used some blue letters I got at the Dollar Tree a long time ago. I didn't have enough of two letters so I used other ones to fake them. They look good enough that I'll bet no one notices! The white ribbon was also on hand and I just used a hole punch to make way for the ribbon. All done with supplies on hand with no extra expense! The best way to go in my opinion :) The light was fading fast so the colors don't look great on these pictures, but the sign is bright and cute and should make for some cute pictures with him in his outfit.

Have a wonderful day, I know I sure did!


  1. So cute! I think people are so used to seeing store bought stuff (that all looks the same),they are really surprised when they see homemade items & really like it 90% of the time!

    Great job on the budget! We are trying to save some cash, other than fresh OJ, milk & eggs & occasional loss leaders - we are eating out of the pantry, freezer & garden all August! I think we can do it! The trick will be to keep my carnivore husband happy & stretch the protein! This week groceries cost us $17!

  2. Wow! Congrats on that goal. This is a great time of year for eating up all that is in the freezer and clearing things out. Then there is more room to store things that you might have in your garden or that you are given. I love that!

    Best of luck and hope the husband enjoys the challenge! :)