Friday, July 17, 2009

Frugal Find Friday--A&W Mugs

Mike is not really a drinker. In fact, you could say he is not a drinker of things alcoholic. However, the man does love him some Root Beer. He's tried micro brewed, specialty and even generic. He has a few that he is partial to and a few that he is not interested in. His favorite is A&W. That's right, give the choice he would prefer to drink A&W Root Beer! And of course, the only way to enjoy A&W is in a frosted mug.

Small problem, the mugs are not cheap. You can buy them at the drive-ups or on-line, but you are going to spend $11.99 in order to have one shipped to you! I probably would have bought one for him at some point as it does make him very happy, but we had some glass mugs and it was hard to justify spending money on the A&W mugs when we could use what we already had.

Enter Freecycle. You just never know what will pop up on that group. And lucky for me-- actually, lucky for Mike--up popped one A&W mug. Typically I would not be willing to drive across the city for one glass, but this was for my hubby and I knew he would love it. So, I drove to pick up 1 A&W mug. The sweet people remembered that I had said my husband was a huge fan and decided to give me 2 more mugs with the 1 they had offered up. Yipppeee!

These mugs actually are a whole different breed than the glass mugs we had. They are MUCH thicker and do hold the cold a lot better. The 2 mugs they added in are taller and look to be a lot bigger, 20 ozs, than the 1 they had originally offered, 14 ozs. The little one is actually Mike's favorite because the glass is so much thicker and it really chills the root beer the best. In fact it often gets the floaty chunks of ice when you add the root beer. They work great for floats too!

Nothing beats free, except when free REALLY makes someone's day. Mike loves telling the story of coming home from a hard weekend of playing and seeing the mugs sitting there. I think he fell in love with me a little more that day! We store them in the freezer and there is no treat for him like having a cold A&W in his mug!

A quick tip if you have frozen mugs stored in your freezer (and you should, trust me on this one). Store the mugs upside down. Why? Well, if your freezer is like ours there are lots of freezer bags and containers of stuff. If you store them right side up you may find a bit of yucky in the bottom of your mug or worse, floating in your root beer. If they are store upside down they are always super clean inside and ready for your favorite beverage!

Any Frugal Finds for you lately? Let me know what deals you are scoring! Check out some other great deals here at Rhoda's.



  1. Oh, I love root beer too! Those are great finds to have around for a cold one.

  2. Heather, You are one really lucky girl to have found old fashioned mugs from A&W. I am jealous!
    It is my favorite root beer too.

    Now here is a question- does he say root like toot, or does he say root like foot? My husband is from the Iowa and pronounces it like foot. I grew up in the west and pronounce it like toot. LOL I always sing him the little commercial jingle and tell him they say it like I do. He just shakes his head and tells me I'm nuts! :-) Sue

  3. Great find! I LOVE freecycle, I am new to it and have scored a few great things from it this week! Even more awesome you made your hubby super happy!

  4. How generous and sweet of them to give you the other two - great deal.

  5. I agree with your hubby--there is nothing better than A&W root beer! Love the mugs, and I need to try Freecycle some time!