Sunday, July 12, 2009

Keeping Clean while Cooking or Canning

Don't you just adore alliteration? I was feeling clever this morning! :)

This is a quick tip, but one I've just fallen in love with. It makes clean up so much easier when dealing with very juicy or messy items. I've got a big plastic cutting board that I like to use, but the juice of watermelons or tomatoes or cooked meat just runs all over. The board is flat and there is no lip to catch the mess.

So to make it easier when canning tomato sauce I placed the big plastic cutting board in a big jelly roll size cookie sheet. There is a pretty big edge to the jelly roll pan and no juice was able to escape! When the board started swimming in juice I just dumped it out into a container to save it for soup. When it came time to clean up I was able to wash the cutting board, the jelly roll pan and do a quick wipe of the counter. There was none of the usual disaster around the entire counter top, cabinets and floor! So to make cutting tomatoes easier and less messy always put your cutting board into a cookie sheet.

Talk about a time and sanity saver! I'm posting this at Tammy's Recipes. Check out all the other great ideas here!

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  1. Duh! Why didn't I think of that? I hate it when the juices run all over the counter, not just with 'maters but with watermelon!