Monday, July 20, 2009

Starbucks Goodies for FREE!

Just another quick note! Life has been crazy and I hope to be back and running shortly, but I had to let you know about this awesome thing going on at Starbucks tomorrow morning. We've never done any give away this big before!

If you come in to any Starbucks between open and 10:30 am you can get a FREE morning pastry with the purchase of any brewed or handcrafted beverage. In other words, buy anything we make or brew (not counting bottled juices and water) and you'll get a free pastry. Now it only goes until 10:30 or until the pastries run out, so I wouldn't wait until 10:30 to come in. You do need to have a copy of the e-mail that was sent to registered card holders or a copy of the facebook invite or the thing from twitter or at least be able to show us it on your cell phone. As long as you bring in any of those things you will be a pastry. So order a tall coffee ($1.75 here at my store) and you'll get a $1.95 pastry! Not a bad way to start the day :)

Here is a link to the facebook invite.

Hope to see you at Starbucks tomorrow! Don't forget to be nice to your baristas as we will probably be working really hard. Tips are always great too :) And yes, I am one of 4 working this event at our store tomorrow.


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