Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My Shoes

Yes, I'm still here :)

I wrote this as a comment to Southern Hospitatlity's question about shoe memories and I thought I should save it here on my blog. I love these shoes, although I'd kill myself if I tried to wear them very often or for very long!

As I was getting ready to turn 30 I knew I needed to embrace it. I was single, owned my own home, had a good job and had no reason to stress over it (although many of my friends had when they hit the big 3-0). I threw myself a big bash with dinner for a ton of friends and drinks and cheesecake after at a martini bar. In order to really bring in my day with style I found some beautiful (and pretty cheap) turqoise heels with lots of sparkle! My little nephew (3 at the time) even pointed to them and said "pretty shoes" when he saw me getting dressed. The kid knows style!

Those shoes were so much fun that night and were not my typical style which made them even more special for such a special occasion. They helped me celebrate a wonderful milestone and just 2 short years later they were my 'something blue' when I walked down the aisle to marry my sweet husband. I love those shoes and will never get rid of them! Now, I don't know that I'll have much reason to wear them anytime soon as I am chasing an almost 1 year old, but they were my "Heck yah, I'm turning 30" shoes and then my "Forever I choose YOU" shoes. They are priceless and are a part of my history! They even have a picture in my scrapbooks.

I love shoes too, and typically now my favorite are flip flops. :)

What are your favorite shoes?


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